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The TMS Of Colorado Springs

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or TMS for short, is a fairly new “medicine” or medical
treatment for depression, without having to rely on drugs. It utilizes magnetic waves very similar
to an MRI imaging test, and stimulates specific areas of the brain that control mood and
emotional response. The FDA has approved various types of equipment for treatment of a
number of depression and emotional issues, including depression and obsessive-compulsive
The research and application of TMS treatment is very encouraging for those fighting major
depression conditions. TMS is economical and convenient, as many treatments occur once or
several times over just a few weeks, no long term constant treatment. There are no systemic
effects from the treatment and no long-term side effects that have been noted. Anyone who has
dealt with the medications prescribed for major depression knows they often do not work
effectively, or they work for a period of time and taper off, or more seriously, many cause major
side effects, some long term. There are many drug and even food interactions with those
medications as well.
Colorado Springs TMS facilities are medical facilities licensed by the State and operated by a
competent, professional medical staff.
This cutting edge technology has proven very
encouraging for long term, effective treatment of illnesses that traps people in darkness and
withdrawal, affecting their health long term and often destroying their social and family
connections. TMS can facilitate short-term treatment for long-term results – with no long-term
side effects.
TMS treatments are usually short, and do not have a lot of repeat for months protocols. They
are non-invasive, you do not have to be put in the hospital to get them administered. They do
not cause memory loss. You finish your sessions in usually less than 45 minutes and can go on
about your life.
When you pursue TMS Colorado Springs help, you will note that the clinics often offer much
more than just the TMS treatment. They will help balance medications, other forms of therapy
are often offered, and counseling services. We are especially attune to our veterans and
returning service personnel, who have been faced with specific and often very difficult
challenges that affect their mental health. Contact a TMS center in Colorado Springs to see how
we can help.
While TMS can help depression and other issues, we also know that a comprehensive medical
plan is crucial for the best of the patient. That is why many centers offer medication

management. Medications all have risks and benefits, and often side effects. Correct dosage,
and how they interact with other treatment regimes, is all very important to the health of the
individual. Also, as our physical body changes, our medications may change. A good clinic can
help monitor and adjust medications accordingly.
TMS Is being used for a variety of issues besides depression, including stroke recovery,
Alzheimer’s, autism, chronic pain, Parkinson’s, PTSD, OCD, MS, schizophrenia, and smoking
cessation. Talk to the center you choose and see how a good Colorado Springs TMS center can
help you and improve your general well being and life.